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August 11, 2021

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January 24, 2021

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January 22, 2021

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A record of brand equity

September 19, 2021

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Understanding Search Engine Optimization – Know about it

September 12, 2021

When thinking about Search Engine Optimization, one of the images that always...

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Best Diet To Build Muscle And Lose Weight

Diet has become the easy way to get the desired results for our body. Atkins diet, General Motors diet and many more are doing their rounds in the market. Diet rich in protein is the new age diet, which has caught the attention of many. This is because what you target could be any one can use this high protein diet with little modifications to gain, lose weight or fat and to develop lean muscles.

Protein rich diet not just adds lean muscles but also helps in losing the extra fat from the body. The protein rich diet provides relief from calories, carbohydrates and saturated fat as they offer fibers and proteins that are necessary for your body. This calorie less food helps in reducing the amount of unwanted fat despite leading the body to maintain the required amount of fat in the body. Since there is sufficient amount of fat lose this leads to the overall weight lose.Muscles when we diet gets limited protein to replenish and rebuild the lost fat. The protein rich diet that we take aids the muscle in building lean muscles in a healthy way.

Protein rich diet does no harm to our body as it helps by providing antioxidants and improves the immune system against any kind of infection. It even helps in fighting serious illness like cancer.

Milk products like casein, whey protein, turkey, soya, nuts, fish, beans and egg white are considered rich in protein. Consuming all of these in right proportion aids in weight loss and building muscles in correct way.

Hundred grams of soy protein, soybeans either dry or roasted

  • Hundred grams of raw peanuts
  • Breast, wings and thighs of chicken
  • Eleven gram of drumstic

Protein rich food needs to be consumed at the right time of the day to get desired results. Breakfast is the main course of the day, load your plate with goodness as they keep you fuller for long. This will help in running through the day. Add right quantity of proteins for dinner. These proteins will work around and help in repairing the muscles and replenishing the body with goodness. Protein breaks down the energy required for consumption in right quantity according to our requirement.

Many find consuming foods rich in protein difficult, as they have to watch the amount of food consumed. Since the food consumption amount prescribed is less, it is difficult to keep your stomach full all the time. Hence, whenever you go hungry or need extra supplements to keep you going shakes made of protein and protein bars comes handy. These supplement foods rich in protein can be used as snacks as they are convenient to use whenever needed and they do come in less calorie packs. Best of all whey, milk protein is available in drink form. You could alternatively use whey protein to add few more good rich proteins to your body. These are few yummy way to good health.

You can also check out the testosterone boosters in the market if you are strict on a regime. Medically, higher testosterone levels promote lean mass over the fat, which might help you build proper. These testosterone boosting supplements increase testosterone levels inherently without any artificial infusion. They act relatively effectively as they are concentrated supplements. 

Techwear Store-Various Brands Available And Type Of Clothing Offered By The Store

If we talk about looks, in today’s scenario, the look is something that matters the most. The main focus of the people is on looks, as it is something that will represent the status of a person. There are various types of clothing options that form the part of the life of a person.

Let’s start with getting an idea of what type of clothing options are available in the techwear store.

The shell jacket

Outerwear is the topmost thing that a person considers purchasing when he plans on buying the new clothing option. Shell jackets are basically waterproof jackets that give the option to people to be comfortable and face the outer environment in adverse environmental conditions.

The cargo pant

If we talk about the legwear choice of the techwear of most of the most, they consider cargo pants the best option as it provides comfortable condition to people. These are not like regular pants; they are sharp and build up with the help of the excellent quality of the fabric.

Cargo pants are available in the market of various brands, out of which you can select the one that you consider as the best option for you. Naturally, those brands that are providing you with the excellent quality of the product at an affordable rate, you should prefer them.

The technical sneakers

High-performance sneakers are the top quality of the footwear option that is available in the market as far as techwear is concerned. The sneakers are available in the market in various options, out of which you can select the one in which you are more comfortable.

Light jacket

If we talk about the light wear jacket like the boomer jacket, field jacket and the softshell plays the most important role in the techwear store. People from all over the world visit these stores and try to get the best possible jackets.

Reliable platform

The above mentioned are some of the options of the clothing that are offered by most of the techwear stores. You can select the option that you think will completely fit as per your requirement.

Brands of the techwear

Hopefully, it is quite clear that there is not just a single type of clothing that is available as an option. You can make the selection of the clothing, and once you are clear with the clothing option, then you can make the selection of the brand out of the various options available.

Now we will discuss in detail the various options available


This was originally set up in the year 1994. An acronym has become one of the leading brands in the past few years. People have been using this brand for the past few years. With the variety of products offered by this brand, you can select the one you think is convenient for you.


Goldwin is one of the famous Japanese brands that is known to provide the best quality of skin wear products. Furthermore, this brand is known to be the fashion-friendly as they provide quality of the product that is convenient for the person to wear. Furthermore, this is a brand that has a specialization in gore tax outwear and is responsible for producing a variety of coats out of which people can select the one as per their requirement.


Manchester-based label seven-layer is a typical brand that is though new to the world, but it has maintained a good name and fame in the society. But this brand is making a new image in terms of fashion, functionality, and designs. Moreover, they are known to provide a good quality of the products to the customer as per their requirement.

Nike ACG

This is the brand that is famous among the techwear store. The main focus of this store is to produce the products that are known to provide quality of the product with new and differentiated styles. This is the brand that has maintained a good name and fame in the society.


This is a brand that has the main motive of encouraging the youth by selling the clothing that is as per the latest trends and fashion. They are using the latest technology for making a variety of clothing. Make sure that you prefer this brand as they are known to provide the clothing option at an affordable rate in various colors and styles.

 The above mentioned are some of the brands that are available as an option for the people. You can select the brand that you think is selling good quality of the products at an affordable. If the products are of good quality, then the person will be able to stand in the heavy conditions like the winter season.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization – Know about it

When thinking about Search Engine Optimization, one of the images that always pops into my head is from the Wizard of Oz. You may remember the scene where Dorothy and friends go to see the wizard, who exclaims “don’t look at the man behind the curtain!” who is secretly controlling the impressive and scary wizard that they see.

Cannabis marketing agency will provide the services for the optimization of the online search engines. One of the important aspects that you need to keep in mind is to have a great impressive. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the people.

Many experts and others talk a lot about SEO as if they were the “man behind the curtain” and you should just listen to them because they have some type of magic formula that is foolproof for getting your site ranked on Page 1 in the search engines. The truth of the matter is many of them collect your money first, and then see if they can get your site ranked second.

In order to optimize any site, you will need to consider two aspects of the SEO process. I say “process”, because SEO is an ongoing endeavor, not a task that is completed. The two aspects are below:

Onpage-Of the two aspects, the first thing that you will need to consider are what is known as the “onpage” parts of your own site that will help to get you indexed, and eventually, ranked within the search engines. Search engine software programs, known as ‘spiders’ are constantly trolling the internet at lightening speed, scanning sites and indexing them in their database of search engine results.

Google, as well as many others, bank their reputation on delivering relevant search engine results when a user types in a search query. Therefore, the search engine spiders are looking for websites that are focused and create a “chain of relevance”.

Ok, stay with me here and don’t let your eyes glaze over….this isn’t actually difficult at all. All this means is that the site must be tightly focused around topics, keywords and content that is relevant to each other. It also should be organized in manner that is simple to follow.

For example, you could have a site that is about Porsche sports cars, have a category within the site that focuses on the 911, and then have a post within that category that focuses on the 911 Targa…better yet, you could even have the domain name of the site centered around relevant keywords for the site, such as “”.(careful using trademarked items) The “chain of relevance” has been established, and there are always keywords that would also apply to Porsche sports cars.

Once you determine what these keywords are by using a free keyword tool, like the one Google has, you will want to make sure you use (but don’t overuse) the keywords in the Categories, blog posts titles and content.

OffPage- Ok, so this is where we “go out into the world” and promote our site on the Internet. Let’s go back to the idea of relevance again, because it is the driving factor behind almost all SEO work. Search engines consider a site relevant when it has other sites that are linked, or pointing back to it. However, it cannot be just any sites.

Let’s face it, the vast majority of sites get little to no traffic whatsoever, or are not relevant to what our site is about. No, what you want, and what the search engines want, are links that point back to our site from sites that are already deemed important or relevant by the search engines. Importance in the realm of Google, where 80% of searches take place, is measured by a unit Google created called Page Rank. Page Rank is a scale from 0 (lowest) to 9 (highest). A site may also have no page rank, which is actually less than zero.

To look at it another way, the search engines view links from sites that have a high Page Rank as a “vote of confidence” that your site has something worthwhile to offer. Gather enough of these links, known more commonly as backlinks, and your site will improve in the search engine rankings, often dramatically.

How many “backlinks” do you need? Hard to say, as it really depends on how competitive your niche is, but I would aim for somewhere north of 200. How do you tell the pagerank of a site? I thought you’d never ask. There is a handy little toolbar plugin that is free called SEO Quake. Once you download it, you can tell the pagerank of any site you are visiting.

Ok, so I have just scratched the surface here of what you can do, and what is possible. If you are looking for even more, step by step training, there are entire tutorials on just building backlinks, onpage SEO, and many other aspects that will give you the details you need over at Wealthy Affiliate. I have found their training to be second to none, as well as probably the best value on the internet, especially compared to the outrageous prices many so-called internet marketing gurus are charging. It takes a little time, but once you learn this, your ticket to online profits has been punched.

How To Choose The Best Framing Nailer?

You want to make minimal efforts and achieve the most significant outcomes when working on a building or a crafts project. Modern technology and tools can help you complete your job more quickly and effectively. Manufacturers continually develop new technologies and equipment and, as a contractor, assess which tools should be spilled and which are simply a waste of money. For example, every 100, you use a pneumatic nail gun because this may make the task much more accessible.

What is the Pneumatic Nail Gun?

The nails are sunk into the wood in a pneumatic nail weapon, and another material is pulled in a trigger. You don’t have to hammer the nail multiple times to sink in since the weapon is pressed swiftly and effectively. To drive the nail into the material, the gun needs air pressure from the compressor. If you buy a nail weapon for your toolbox, you may save lots of time, money, and work.

All nail weapons are not equal, and some aren’t efficient. You must ensure that the pistol shoots the nail and sinks smoothly. Nail weapons of poor quality will not operate properly and may increase workload rather than decrease it.

How is the pneumatic nail weapon selected?

You should carefully evaluate the alternatives available on the market if you want excellent quality nailers. You cannot afford to perform a lousy job with your nailers since they undermine your project’s structural integrity. Each nail must be secure in sinking and maintaining the framework. People can get to know about best nailer by online checking for choosing the best Makita cordless framing nailer. Some points will enable you to get the most exemplary possible pneumatic nailer:

Nailers Types

The market offers two types of nails, both of which are pretty efficient. Most individuals favor one or the other personally.

  • Nailer Coil-Style

This nailer features a linked string of nails connected by wiring. It features a circular magazine, which keeps the clocks closely spun. These nails are thus relatively compact and fit into areas that conventional nailers cannot reach.

  • Strip-style Nailer

This nailer is more extensive and doesn’t store as many nails as the spinning style. However, the weight of the nails is spread equally by the nail gun. This is better balanced.

Nailers for various building types

Both nail kinds rely on their function and use. Consequently, they are categorized into distinct categories. Some are built for large-scale projects and large-scale activities, while others are suitable for smaller and easier undertakings.

    • Framing Nailers

these are perfect for tasks like the construction of a room, the construction of a deck, the construction of frames for dwellings, the addition of new spaces, etc.

    • Finishing nails

these nail weapons are designed to create, build furniture, install cabinets, attach trimmings and moldings for smaller and lighter tasks. They are lighter than the fasteners and hence better suited for smaller projects.

    • Staplers and Brad Nailers

these nailers are precise and lightweight. Smaller and slimmer materials must be attached.

  • Nailers for Roofing

These products are designed to handle shingles on the roof. You may use it safely on the roof, as it is lightweight and portable.

    • Nail Flooring

The nail guns are meant to build hardwood floors, as the name indicates.

  • Palm Nailers

these nailers push individual nails into tiny places that cannot otherwise be accessed. These pneumatic nails have no storage added so that after every usage, you have to load one nail.

  • Mind-keeping features

Make sure the weapon has directional exhaust so that the direction of the expelled air may be changed.

  • Buy the depth-adjusted tool nailers

You may thus check how deeply the tool drives the nail.

  • Significant triggers will facilitate your work

Pull the weapon and squeeze the trigger to test whether, before you buy, it’s comfortable.

What Should You Know About Aquarium Plants?

Live and healthy plants are more valuable and good looking to your aquarium, rather than those plastic models that catch algae. They also promote a balanced ecosystem to your aquarium by providing you with several things. Aquarium plants are not only there as a showcase, but they play a vital role in the well being of your fishes. 

What are the benefits of aquarium plants?

There are several benefits that you need to know about aquarium plants, as they help in the development and well being of your fish. The benefits of aquarium plants are mentioned in the points below. These points are as follows:-

  • They provide natural oxygen to the fishes as they inhale carbon dioxide which is dissolved in water. They then release natural oxygen into the water which is very beneficial to your fish. 
  • Nitrate and phosphates are two compounds, that are present in your aquarium water, which boosts the formation of algae. Natural aquarium plants remove these two compounds, thus clearing algae formation. 
  • Making your fishes believe that they are at home, and they are safe,  because of the fact that aquarium plants tend to imitate the natural environments that the fish grows in. 
  • They lower stress levels in these fishes and you can find them out in the open more often. 
  • Producing a chain of an ecosystem that would birth the formation of microbes and other smaller living forms which would then become fish food. 
  • Provides shelter to new eggs, as fishes feel safer delivering eggs near-natural plants. 

You should also understand that many things would be needed by these aquarium plants. Therefore you should make sure that you have all the ingredients and accessories necessary for these plants. There is a list of things mentioned below that are absolutely necessary for the plant. The list is as follows:-

  1. Natural light – Sunlight would be the best option. 
  2. Clear water.
  3. Good loose soil.
  4. Nutrients.
  5. Manure
  6. Suitable substrate for the root portion. 

What would be the water requirement for these aquatic plants?

If you do not consider then this question then you need to understand that all your aquatic plants would die out in a month or so, so you have to make sure that you have all the requirements that are needed for these aquatic plants. 

The most important requirement for these aquatic plants would be that they have proper water conditions for their survival. Potenz of hydrogen or the pH of water is the most important thing that you need to check before planting your aquatic plants. The pH of aquarium water should be at 6.5 to 7.8, i.e. it should be neutral.

The hardness of water is also an important criterion for your aquatic plants because of the fact that it should be around 500 to 1000 parts per million. If the water is anything beyond or below the quantity needed, your plants would either die or catch a disease. So make sure that you fulfil these two requirements properly. You can get more information at:- 

Factors To Consider When You Are Finding A Tandem Bike – Get The Details!

Do not spoil your ride by riding alone because now you have tandem bikes when you can take a ride with your beloved partner, then why you should ride a normal bike. One needs to understand that they can enhance their scope and have tremendous opportunities. You might be thinking that buying a tandem bike is a straightforward task. However, it is not as easy as it seems. There are various things you need to consider before buying a tandem bike. 

You are required to invest a good amount of money in buying these bikes so how could you buy them without proper knowledge. If you are also planning to buy a tandem bike, then do not take tension. You can read buy a double seat bicycle on to buy the best tandem bike. Also, you can consider the following factors to buy the right factors:

Material of frame

One needs to consider a lot of amounts when they are finding a good tandem bike. But the material of the frame is the thing you need to consider foremost. These frames make the bike durable and stable, and the framing is necessary to get a robust bike that can tolerate your weight. There are many different types of materials that you can get on a tandem bike. You can explore them here:

  • Steel

when you are looking for a tandem bike, then a steel frame can be the best material you can use because steel makes the bike more solid and stronger. If you have purchased a steel material bike, then you can expect to have a durable tandem bike. You can purchase the bike and use it for an extended period of time. 

But the material of steel is quite expensive, so it can be hard for you to fit a steel frame tandem cycle in your budget. If you have a good budget, then you can buy it as it has higher prices than other tandem bikes.

  • Carbon fiber

this is considered to be the ideal material for tandem bikes. The material is solid but also light in weight. That means you can get a durable tandem bike without riding a heavyweight.

  • Aluminum alloy

Tandem bikes of aluminum alloy material are more popular than other materials. The bikes are lightweight and can easily be fit in your budget. You can get a sustainable tandem bike in a reasonable amount by selecting this material.

Types of frames

You need to select the frame types as there are many variations available in them. Some frames are made for women, some for men, and a few can be used by both. The frames include double diamond, old school marathon, modern Rodriguez, and many others, so you can make your own choice and select one from them. The frames can make the cycles safer for you, so select them carefully.

Gear system

Not all bikes are purchased to get the speed and faster riding. Instead of speed, these cycles are used to have funs and entertainment. But by thinking this, one must not ignore the gearing system of the bike because the gearing system is not only for speed but also for convenient riding and exercising so that you can choose a multiple gearing system for your tandem bike. You can get a lot of knowledge from a double seat bicycle on and get the right tandem bike.

Braking system

The tandem bike is ridden by two people that mean the first person is handling both the people. So you need to consider the braking system as the tandem bike should offer an instant braking system. Because if it takes a lot of time to hit the brake, then the people who are riding the bike can lead to an accident also, they are two. Therefore, the speed of the bike will be high. Thus only an instant brake can prevent accidents.

Final words

Make sure you consider the factors that are reliable and help you find the right bike. You can consider the above factors to select a tandem bike. It will help if you read the double seat bicycle on, as it will help you to get the necessary information and knowledge about tandem bikes.

Dealing With A Painful Breakup

Few things are quite as painful as a breakup. If you weren’t the one who initiated it, it can be even more disillusioning and distressing. You might feel betrayed, and like your life is empty and pointless. Though you might be in the thick of it right now, here are some tips to help you work it through.

Some that viewed this article, also viewed these: Arguments and Disagreements

  • Communication in Relationships
  • Take Time to Grieve
  • Accept Your Circumstances

You’ve lost someone very dear to you. Much like the passing of a loved one, a breakup requires a time of grieving. Don’t try to act as if everything is fine. Once you can acknowledge the pain and grief, then you can move on to healing.

It’s so important not to cling to false hope that things might miraculously go back to the way they were. Obviously the relationship reached a point where one or both of you felt that it could not go on. Hoping vainly for a reversal of your circumstances will only prolong your pain. Accept that the relationship is over, grieve appropriately, and then let it go.

Don’t Place Blame

It’s healthy to understand the reasons behind the breakup, as you can learn and grow through your mistakes (if you made mistakes). It is not healthy, however, to play the blame game. Regardless of who initiated the breakup, you were both involved and you both hold some responsibility for the relationship going sour. Don’t place blame, and don’t look for revenge – not on yourself nor on him.

Don’t Obsess

It can be really easy to dwell on the past, rehashing conversations, actions, and scenarios. You can spend a lot of time thinking about things you should or could have done differently. You might think that you could have said or done something to avoid the breakup. In the end, there’s nothing you can do to change the past. Mulling over it will only keep the wounds open.

Fill the Void

While you might not be ready to start dating again, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with people who care about you. As you re-adjust to being single, spend time with people who can be an anchor and support to you. Though you’ve lost an important person in your life, there are many more who love you dearly. Though their love isn’t romantic, it can fill the void you’re feeling and help you on your way to renewing your life.

Look Forward

The best way to get over the past is to focus on the future. It’s often a good idea to take up a new hobby, learn a new sport, or discover a new passion, as then you’ll be pouring much of your energy into developing this new skill. More time focused on the new means less time dwelling on the past – and that’s a good thing.

Move On

Finally, remember that there are many more fish in the sea. While you may have felt that your ex was the only one for you, and it might be hard to picture yourself with anyone else, it can be healthy to get back out on the dating scene. As they say, the best cure for an old love is a new love. The sooner you get back out there, the sooner you’ll get over the hurts and hang-ups of the past.

To help you move on this website offers coping up techniques. It also has special exercises and tasks that will help you get on with your day and ultimately help you grow and learn from this experience rather than suffer from it. Go and checkout real seeking reviews to satisfy yourself with its credibility.

Pre And Post Workout Nutrition Tips

The Importance Of Insulin In Your Workout Nutrition

is the food you consume before and after your workout. When working out, you are changing certain hormones in your body that will determine whether you store or burn fat. Food just like exercise, alters these same hormones. If you consume the wrong types of food for your workout nutrition , you can slow down the release of the fat burning hormones produced from your workout.

Insulin is an important hormone that is released from carbohydrates. The timing of your carbohydrates plays an important role in whether you…

  • store fat
  • burn fat or
  • build muscle.

If you consume sugary foods before you workout, insulin will increase and fat burning will decrease.

When your goal is fat burning, stay away from these foods for your pre workout nutrition…

  • Fruit Juices
  • Sport Drinks
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Bread.

However, these same foods in moderation combined with protein will help with muscle building if consumed immediately after your workout.

Here are 4 tips on pre and post workout nutrition to help you better reach your fat loss or muscle building goals.

Workout Nutrition Tip #1 – Whey Protein For Pre Workout Nutrition

Substitute whey protein in place of carbohydrates for your pre workout nutrition. By allowing a steady source of amino acids to balance blood sugar while simultaneity lowering the insulin release from consuming whey protein, you will produce a greater energy production and fat burning results for your workout.

Workout Nutrition Tip #2 – Avoid Sport Drinks Before Or During Your Workout

Consuming sport drinks during or before your workout will decrease the amount of fat your burn. This is because the more sugar you consume, the less the body will rely on stored fat as the primary source of fuel during the workout.

Workout Nutrition Tip #3 – Whey Protein For Post Workout Nutrition

Whey protein consumed with simple carbohydrates will help raise insulin and lower cortisol. This will help store the incoming calories in the muscle instead of being stored as fat. The best time to consume your post workout nutrition is within 60 minutes after your workout.

Workout Nutrition Tip #4 – Never Eat Carbohydrates By Themselves

Eating carbohydrates by themselves, even in a post workout meal is not a good idea if you are trying to burn fat. After you workout, your body is repairing tissues and trying to mobilize fat to be used as fuel. A high intake of carbohydrates greater than 50 grams without protein will not help with fat loss. Also, consuming fat is not recommended in your workout nutrition. Any fat that is consumed before or after your workout will be used as fuel for your body instead of your own fat stores.

Workout Nutrition Final Thought

While you are ardently following the discussed tips, you can also aid the workout with the best boost supplements. Testomax has a fine graded review for being one of the suitable to aid pre and post-workout. You don’t have to scoop and drink shakes, for it is a simple pill to consume. But before you use learn more about Testo Max to ensure it suits you perfectly. 

If fat burning and muscle gains is your goal, you can have carbohydrates with protein in your post workout meal. But if you go overboard on your carbohydrates in your post workout nutrition, you will be storing fat instead of burning fat when you are building new muscle mass.

How Much Exercise Is Needed To Lose Weight

So you’ve been saying “I need to lose weight” but how much exercise is needed to lose weight? There is no magic, mystery or quick fix involved, just a simple math equation. You need to burn 3500 more calories to loss one pound. Of course this sounds like a huge, scary number when you want to lose weight – but when broken down by seven days it is only 500 calorie cutback a day and that is easy by making some minor changes.

You can click here at the official site to get the right fat burner products. The removing of the excessive fat from the body is possible for the individuals. The procedure is easy and effortless for the reduction in the weight of the women. There is meeting of the requirements and needs of the people.

How much exercise is needed to lose weight?

How to Lose Weight Tips

When you want to know how much exercise to lose weight all you need to do is to make simple food exchanges for example an afternoon soft drink for a glass of cold water and save 97 calories; instead of a fast food Egg McMuffin for breakfast, indulge in a small whole wheat bagel topped with 1 tablespoon of protein packed peanut butter (over 180 calories saved). Don’t hit the snooze button, get up and start walking briskly for 10 minutes and you just burned 100 calories easily by doing this simple exercise. Just 10 minutes of relaxing, stretching yoga will burn another 50 calories and always take the stairs! These are a few easy weight loss exercises to show how much exercise is needed to lose weight.

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy weight loss plan and exactly how much will vary from person to person. 50 minutes daily (or 250 minutes a week) 5 times a week is the general base for an average healthy, fit individuals that need to lose weight. One of the best excercise tips to lose weight is beginners can start with 3 days of cardio for 30 minutes and add a few minutes each week until you are are exercising for a whole 60 minutes. Remember, how to exercise is entirely up to you, make it fun!

How Much Exercise Is Needed To Lose Weight?

Here is a step by step formula and losing weight tips to find out if you are eating more calories than you are burning:

  • Step One

Calculate your Base Metabolic Rate (the very minimal that your body needs to breathe and digest):

Women: BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches ) – ( 4.7 x age in years )

Men: BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in year )

  • Step Two

calculate your level of activity to estimate how many calories you burn while exercising, weight lifting, sitting, standing, walking, etc. Keep an activity journal is helpful with this practice. A heart rate monitor will also calculate the calories you burn during exercise for weight loss.

  • Step Three

Use a food journal and write down everything you eat and drink with the coordinating calories.

  • Step Four

See your results by adding your activity calories to your BMR number and then subtract your food calories from that total number. For example: if you BRM plus activity equals 2000 and you are consuming 2400 calories, you WILL gain weight.

To get some positive results, 50 to 60 minutes of cardio loss weight exercise with some strength training will do the trick. Be consistent in making small, positive changes every day and you will be losing weight. Remember how much exercise you need to do will depend on how much you are eating. I like to look at it as a bank account when you are wanting to lose weight you eat a balance weight loss diet and exercise. You will be rewarded with a weight loss if you eat chockie biscuits one after the other you will need to do some serious depositing in the way of exercise.

Muscle Building Foods Are Important For Muscle Gain

Your Muscle Building Foods play a big role in the success of how much muscle you put on. In order to build muscle effectively, you need to eat the right types of foods at the right time.


Building muscle mass takes a surplus of calories but, you need the right kind of calories to be effective. You can not eat cakes & fast food and expect to build muscle mass. This article will talk about the types of muscle building foods you need to consume throughout the day to gain muscle mass.

The first type of muscle building foods you need to consume consist of lean amounts of protein such as…

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Egg whites
  • Turke
  • Beef

You need to consume at a minimum one gram of protein for every pound you weigh. That means an 180 pound person has to eat at least 180 grams of protein per day.

When eating five times a day, each meal should have around 36 grams of protein. And since the list given above contain high amounts of protein with each serving, reaching that goal will not be hard to do. You can even supplement a meal with a whey protein shake to reach your protein goals.


Carbohydrates are the second type of muscle building foods that you need to consume. Carbohydrate not only give you the energy in the gym but, they also help transport protein to the muscles. There are two different types of carbohydrates…

Simple Carbohydrates and Complex Carbohydrates.

Simple Carbohydrate

Simple carbohydrates have their purpose when it comes to building muscle. After an intense workout, simple carbohydrates can be taken with protein to help transport the protein to the muscle faster.

Foods that are high in sugar include…

  • candy
  • juices
  • sodas
  • milk and
  • fruits.

Candy and soda have no nutritional value so it is better to consume your simple carbohydrates from fresh fruits because it has other benefits such as vitamins and fiber.

Complex Carbohydrates

These are foods that the body has to break down into simple sugars. This process takes time so your body will receive a more steady source of energy unlike the simple carbohydrates that will give you a short boost of energy.

Because of this long break down period within the body, a persons appetite will be more satisfied and you will not get hungry as much. These complex carbohydrates can be found in grainy foods like…

  • rice
  • bread and
  • pasta.

The intake of carbohydrates should be twice the intake of protein. If you are 180 pounds and your daily intake of protein is 180 grams, then your carbohydrate intake should be around 360 grams. Carbohydrates are very important in your muscle building foods because without it, you will not see impressive muscle gains.


The last of the muscle building foods that you need are fats. Fat has gotten a bad reputation over the years to the point where everyone thinks all types of fats are bad. This is not the case. There are good kinds of fats and bad kinds of fats.

Good Fats

The good kind of fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats help in reducing the risk of heart disease and bad cholesterol. Monounsaturated fats can be found in foods such as…

  • olive oil
  • avocados
  • peanut butter and
  • canola oil.
  • walnuts
  • corn oil and
  • fatty fishes.
  • Bad Fats

The bad kinds of fats are saturated and trans fats. Saturated fats increase the risk of heart diseases and possibly a stroke. These kinds of fats can be found in foods such as…

  • pork
  • butter and
  • cheese.

Consuming the right types of muscle building foods will make a big difference in your bodybuilding goals. Along with food, your hormonal levels also affect the fat and muscle content in your body. For men, testosterone levels determine muscle building capacity. If your levels aren’t good intact, maybe you should consider any supplement to regulate them. You can read this Testogen review on any reliable site as the product is one of the best to aid in testosterone boosting.