6 Secrets Nobody Knows About Background Checking Policy!

The background check policy is applicable in all companies in order to protect and maintain the position and reputation of the company. Proper Research and background checks are required by every company today so that an efficient progress can occur. 

The policy will provide you with all the information about the candidates who are part of the recruitment process in the company. This is held inside the organization, but the data can be collected from various different sources so that proper verification can take place. Any background check will include some of the essential elements like:

  • Identity reports
  • Criminal records
  • Personal details
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Reference checks etc.

This is basically a screening process, which is held at the time of recruitment in the company. This is a huge process that will require a specific time in order to hire the suitable candidates for the company. However, as in order to get smooth working of the company, you cannot compromise on the quality of employees. 

Let’s discover some of the facts which are usually unaware among the candidates and the employers of the company. You will be surprised to know about the following secrets about the background checking policy which took place in every company.  

  • Candidates Lie On Their Resumes 

According to a study, more than 50% of the candidates write false and inaccurate information in their job applications and resumes. They do so by putting an impression on the recruiter or the management. 

This is one of the reasons which shows how deeply background checks are essential for any organization. This will ensure the proper and accurate details about the candidates who are becoming part of the company. 

  • Credit Checks

Every financial company performs a credit check in order to get the knowledge about the team member condition in respect of the company. However, the company usually puts a very strict limit on the credit so that it doesn’t become easy for anyone to become a part of it. 

If any candidate has poor credit, it doesn’t mean the employer has to disqualify you. And if in case you get disqualified, then the employer has to reveal all the reasons regarding why the candidate is not selected for the job position. 

  • Internet Searches Are Not Enough

You will observe that you will only get surface-level information and details on the internet platforms. You will only get the information that the candidate has allowed you to see; you cannot go deep with the details.

Suppose your company wants to do a deep search regarding the candidate’s data. In that case, they have to go beyond the internet databases so that sufficient information can be gathered outside the internet, and accordingly, the verification can take place. 

  • Criminal Offense

While checking, if your profile finds any past criminal record and your resume got rejected, the company can quickly disqualify you in this case, but only when the offense is directly related to the job. For example, if the candidate has a record of compensation in the traffic case, then it should not be considered here. 

Every candidate has the right to know the reasons about why he is being disqualified from the screening process. Therefore, the company has to provide a specific reason to the candidate and also allow him to explain the reasons regarding the same.

  • Recruiter Cannot Ask For Social Media Passwords.

While screening, you can check and discover the information regarding the employees through social media and other networks. But in case any recruiter asks you to share your social media passwords, then you can immediately report it as it is illegal to do so.

Some employers ask for giving passwords as part of your employment condition. So every candidate should remember that this is illegal and cannot be acceptable in any form. 

  • Don’t Avoid Background Checks.

Some candidates don’t fulfill the condition of the screening process, so they try to avoid this process. They end up by giving false information, and when they are found guilty, they don’t accept the mistakes. 

If any company avoids doing background checks, then this can become a liability for the company. As wrong candidates can get hired without checking their details, and this can cause risk to the company’s environment.


The above points are usually not known by the applicants and recruiters; it is given to create awareness among all the people who are related to the field of the job. These can become helpful tips for both so that a smooth working in any organization can take place. 

It is essential to conduct Research and background checks so that suitable candidates can become part of your company and efficiently perform to maintain the company’s growth and development. 

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