7 ways to keep pests away from your house

Cockroaches, spiders, ants, and termites not only wreak havoc on your home, but they also carry disease. Calling a removal company is the best approach to getting rid of these pests and using mouse and rats exterminators. But before you hire a pest control company, try these top 10 pest control methods and strategies to keep bugs at bay and your home clean and disease-free.

Maintain a tidy kitchen

Pests flourish in a filthy, wet environment. Keep the kitchen surfaces, racks, stovetop, and cupboards clean to avoid insect invasion. Wipe them down with a disinfecting cleaner regularly. Furthermore, food particles left out in the open can attract additional insects.

Maintain the cleanliness of the restroom

The majority of pest control advice for flats excludes bathroom pest management. However, the preceding regulation also applies to restrooms. Maintain a clean and dry bathroom. Clean the toilet every other day using a toilet cleaner. Use a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner to clean the countertop at least once every week. Maintain a dry and moss-free shower curtain.

Allowing water to sit in a container is not a good idea

Mosquitoes, for example, thrive in stagnant water. Clean the area around your house, and make sure the drains outside your house are cleaned as well since stagnant poor water quality in the drains can lead to mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and influenza. When not in use, keep the buckets in your bathroom dry.

Fruits and vegetables should not be left out for lengthy periods

Overripe vegetables and fruit attract flies and other insects. Cut and ripe fruits should not be kept out of the fridge for lengthy periods. While certain pests, such as fruit flies, are innocuous, decaying fruits can attract larger pests such as house flies, insects, and cockroaches, which are difficult to eradicate.

Garbage should be disposed of regularly

We frequently question how to maintain cleanliness after pest treatment, but it’s rather simple, and trash disposal is essential. Garbage should ideally be disposed of every day. Garbage buildup can result in rat, squirrel, and cockroach infestations.

Keep your lawn in good shape

Fill up holes or pits where water can collect if you have a lawn or are gardening. Clean your pond or water feature regularly if you have one in your garden. To avoid uncontrolled, bushy growths, trim the plants regularly. Keep your yard nice and clean to avoid unwelcome pests such as mosquitoes, rats, and wasps.

Externally used goods should be kept outside

If you have a community garden or a lawn, you’re likely to have chairs, shoes, buckets, and other gardening-related items on hand. Keep these items outside, and don’t use them inside until they’ve been fully cleaned.

Aphids and rodents aren’t only a nuisance; they may also hurt your health and that of your family. This is why mosquito and insect protection is so important in preventing pest infestations in homes, companies, schools, and other areas where people live, work or play. 

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