Do You Know How You Can Make Ender Pearl Statis Chamber In Minecraft? – Check This Out!!

Do you love playing Minecraft? If yes, then that can be the best thing. It is an amazing game, and many people love to play this game. If you talk about the Ender pearl, then it is the item in the game which is used to beat it. In the game, payers will need the ender pearls because it makes the eyes of the ender mandatory to activate the end portal. If you have the ender pearls, they can be used for different purposes, and some of those are ender pearl stasis, spawning endermites, and even traveling.

It will explain the creativity of the players and make the game more interesting for them. When a thrown ender pearl falls on the ground, it teleports the player to the place where it touches the ground. It helps the players to travel time faster in the game, but there are some players who use that to create the teleporters. Through this, the players can even teleport to places far from there so instantly and if they want then they can invite anyone to drilledalts. But there are people who do not have any idea about how they do these things or how they can teleport. If you want to know about those things, then you can just check this out!!

Steps to consider…

If you love playing Minecraft and want to experience that enjoyment every day, you will need to keep playing. If you get stuck and does not know how you can make ender pear statis chamber in the game, then you should take a look at the points mentioned below-

Step 1:- Dig a hole

If you are playing the game Minecraft, then it is important for you to first create a hole in the ground. It is the first step; you need to dig the hole, which will be eight-bock deep. If a payer is interested and wants to build those systems above the ground, you can do that, but for that, you will need to make the structure with a depth of eight blocks.

Step 2:- Place soul sand at the bottom

The next thing or in the next step, the player will need to have the soul sand block. Soul sand block is the nether-exclusive block that you will usually find in the soul and valley. If you do not have that, then you need to found it there. The player can also get the soul and sand block from the nether fortresses and bastion remnants. 

Step 3:- Place a water block

the third step, after placing that soul sand block, the player has to submerge the hole. To do that or to submerge the soul sand block, you will need the water, and one bucket will be enough for that purpose. Once the player is done doing these things, the next thing he or she needs to do is to grow the kelp block which will be on the soul sand block. It is important for you to protect that block because it will be important for you if you want to win the game or move forward.

Step 4:- Build a trigger

The next and the last step that you have to consider, which is important in the game Minecraft, is after placing the water block, you need to build the trigger for that. You need to build the trigger through which the floating ender pearl will get eliminated. If you want, you can even use the trap doors that will trap the enemy; if they try to get your soul sand, you will be alarmed. If you do not want to use the trap door, then there is another way to use the pistons that is also a viable or good option. 

The Final Words

You might have got the idea that if you love playing the game Minecraft then there are many things that you will experience in the game which might give you an amazing experience. But there are many things that you may not know about the game, such as how you can make an ender pearl statis chamber, but now you will get the complete idea about it from the points above.

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