Fidgeting And Weight Loss

There are many ways to lose weight and according to some studies, one unusual way is through fidgeting. The fact is most people who less fidget are more likely to suffer from obesity and overweight dilemma. But is there really a link between fidgeting and weight loss? This article will help you resolve this issue and learn if fidgeting can really help aid your weight loss problems.

Fidgeting and Weight Loss: Facts that you should know

According to Wikipedia, Fidgeting is an act of moving restlessly and could be a result of nervousness, agitation, boredom, or a combination of these. Fidgeting can also be a result of genes or from an unconscious habit. Fidgeting includes playing with fingers, hair, repeated bouncing of legs, ring spinning, and many others. These habits are commonly considered as bad habits and should be corrected as early as possible. However, research has shown that people who fidget are generally slimmer and find it a lot difficult to gain weight.

Aside from that fact, lack of fidgeting has been linked to obesity but is fidgeting really help an individual to lose weight? Maybe, but one shouldn’t be dependent on being fidget and expect fast weight loss. Fidgeting is a type of mental disorder that is caused by lower amounts of brain chemicals that urge an individual to move constantly or perform hyper-physical activities such as walking, wiggling, twisting of body parts, stretching, and many others. It is also linked to a non-exercise routine called “thermogenesis” that pertains to the number of calories burned during daily activities. The more you do physical activities (fidgeting), the more calories you burn.

Unfortunately, not all people fidget the same way. There are certain individuals that tend to move more than others and it is highly related to genetics. This means that if you don’t have fidgeting tendencies, you will have fewer benefits of burning more calories doing thermogenesis unless you intend to work out more. Of course, fidgeting is a light workout which means that it is also highly impossible to produce significant weight loss in a short period of time, making your fidgeting efforts to be unnoticeable or sometimes ineffective.

Plus, research shows that obese and overweight people spend much more extended time sitting and lying on a bed than those slim people. So are fat people tend to move less than those fit and lean individuals because of their weight issues? Or, is the burden of too much weight cause them to move less? Well, the answer to both is yes. Obese people move less which is the main reason why they gain weight fast and too much weight becomes their scapegoat to move less, making them much more workout-lazy individuals than leaner people.

The main issue here is to do more while you are awake. You have to make sure that you are always productive and efficient the whole day to make sure that you burn at least 100 calories per day. Aside from natural fidgeting, you have to effectively conjunct other weight loss programs such as your dieting plan and regular exercise to effectively reach your fitness goal. So moving more and sitting less is a general rule of the thumb!

To keep your body in a calorie-burning state, consider the following tips.

Ways to increase fidgeting and calorie-burning activities throughout the day

Activities like answering the phone or sitting on your desk won’t help burn some fats but instead will add up to your weight miseries. You may do several physical activities that will greatly help burn more calories without any intense exercise program. And the best part is, you can do it at home, inside your office desk or anywhere you like. Fidgeting is one of the simplest forms of exercise without breaking a sweat even if you are not a fidgeter. Consider adding the following activities to your daily routines.

  • Walk at any speed you like
  • Do some desk exercises (stretching, flexing, etc.)
  • Take some stairs instead of using elevators or escalators
  • Standing up while on the phone
  • Workout while you watch your favorite TV show
  • Plan hourly house tasks (repair, gardening, laundry, cleaning, etc.)
  • Walk with your dog
  • Cook more often
  • Make love to your partner

Again, fidgeting is not the best way to lose weight unless you increase your body activities from light to intense workouts. Fidgeting can reduce your calories but is not as significant as weight training, sports, or any other exercise program. Plus, if you are starting to have trouble from uncontrolled fidgeting, then you have to consult your physician as soon as possible for correct diagnosis and treatment. Besides this, you have these reviews of PhenQ a weight loss supplement that you can try in order to lose weight by increasing your metabolism and is more effective than fidgeting in every aspect. 

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