How MPLS VPN Experience Can Benefit You?

Indeed, SurfsharkVPN is one of the most economical VPN services available, as seen in the picture below, which illustrates the company’s pricing choices as of 2020. Additionally, you should be aware of their 30-day money-back guarantee, which implies that if you are dissatisfied with their service or have a complaint, you may get a refund. Read more on SurfsharkVPN here at in detail.

Surfshark VPN Features

This is one of the most intriguing components of Surfshark VPN to examine. Their features are rather fascinating, and some of them are stand-alone capabilities that are not available from any other VPN provider. But first and foremost, allow me to mention a few of the standard features included in Surfshark VPN and the bulk of other VPN software.

Kill Switches are used to bring a process to a halt

Although the Kill Switch is a very simple tool, it is one that is much needed. Knowing if your VPN connection has unexpectedly terminated may be crucial knowledge to have on hand if you want to remain safe and secure online. Consider believing you’re browsing safely and securely, only to realise after an hour of acquiring bitcoins and resolving difficulties with your online bank that your VPN was unplugged before you ever began. That is exactly the purpose of the Kill Switch. When the VPN connection is lost, all internet access is instantly disabled, enabling you to rest certain that you are safe online and that your VPN is functioning properly.

There is no end to the amount of devices

While most VPN services restrict you to using your membership on a certain number of devices at a time, SurfShark VPN does not. If you subscribe to them, you will be able to utilise your VPN subscription on an unlimited number of devices concurrently. That is excellent, but there are certain constraints (for example, you should not disclose your login name and password on a publicly accessible internet forum). Nevertheless, this is an excellent feature.

There is no policy in place regarding logging

SurfShark VPN keeps no activity logs or other recordings of what you do online in any way, shape, or form. As a result, you must take steps to prevent your ISP or anyone else from obtaining your activity logs in the future.


This is one of the most intriguing things that SurfsharkVPN offers. It may result in a little slowing of your VPN connection, but who cares if security is really necessary? Because it routes your connection via many VPN servers sequentially, it may remind you of NordVPN’s double VPN service, which guarantees that your fingerprint is entirely jumbled and untraceable at the conclusion of the procedure.


Surfshark VPN software has a feature called the Whitelister that enables you to add certain IP addresses to a whitelist. From this menu, you may tell the application not to use the VPN while viewing certain websites or IP addresses. To watch your local television station online without using a VPN, just add the website to your white list, and you’ll be able to view it without a VPN connection while still utilising a VPN connection to access all other websites on the internet. Choose this for your better access.


This is a feature that must be activated manually inside the application, but it is well worth the few additional mouse clicks. If you enable the CleanWeb feature, your browsing experience can be improved since advertising will be eradicated (or at least the bulk of it will be). That is an excellent feature to take use of if you already have a SurfShark subscription.

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