How to select the best International School in Singapore?

Parents who relocate abroad are the first to get concerned about finding a world-class school for their children. And fortunately, if it’s Singapore, you don’t need to worry at all! There are infinite school options in Singapore for Expatriates, who consider several factors before choosing a school for their kiddies. And it’s quite a daunting task to match your checklist with the existing International School Singapore

If you are worried about the inside view of a school, you need to visit the school in person. Top international schools generally have highly maintained websites featuring all the facilities your children would get from there. But, that’s not enough to get a clear idea of the daily proceedings of a school. That’s why most schools in Singapore offer parents to contact them to take a tour of the whole school before enrolling their child in school. 

Five factors to consider while choosing an international school in Singapore

  • International standard curriculum

When your child got admission to a Singaporean school, make sure he/ she can get a global standard of curriculum to adjust shortly with any other international school around the world. The school must follow the same cutoffs for the students who used to get in their own country. Besides, ensure the school covers various extra-curricular activities, including swimming, art, and knowledge about different languages during the school days. It’s important to choose a school that meets your child’s basic pedagogic needs for a better future.

  • School fees

Considering fees is one of the most important factors while selecting an international school in Singapore. Best schools have an over expensive fees structure, which is likely to increase once a year. Check whether your chosen school offers any discounts or installments for paying fees. 

  • Admission procedure

You can get the detailed information regarding the application procedure from the school website itself. If possible, visit all the top schools in Singapore and get the necessary information regarding the admission procedure and waitlist to submit your online application on time. Most International School Singapore request to submit your kid’s last school reporting cards and go through a few entrance exams. 

  • Commuting options

Check the closest commuting options for each school you have summed up. You will be assured to know that almost every international schools offer a transport facility for their students against an additional cost. 

  • The language used in classes

At first, check whether your kid will handle any other language other than their native language, which will be taught in schools. Most international schools of Singapore usually offer English, Mandarin, and other options into their curriculum. So, look around the most suited option for your child. 


Moving abroad with your family is not an easy task! If you consider everything, you may get the finest school for the most valuable person of your life. Every international school prioritizes the excellence of its students. Don’t get overstressed if you do not get the top choice. Wait until next year to get the application done on time. Hopefully, you have found this article useful in sorting out top international schools in Singapore.

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