Sunglasses – A Migraine Sufferer’s Best Friend

With the ecological changes and imbalance in the environment. One might be prone to various illnesses and even have health threats. Due to the increase in pollination, one can have hay fever, while during rains, one can come up with a cold or even catch a cough. Either way, it takes a toll on your overall health and makes you more appreciative of the health that you used to have. One such chronic illness that develops rampantly is migraine.

If one has a migraine, then they would know what’s it like, but in this article, we will dwell on the ways with which we can curb migraines and even provide tips.

Symptoms of migraine

There are certain symptoms to detect if one is suffering from migraine problems, that are –

  • A mile throbbing pain in the sensory systems of the brain.
  • Feeling of fatigue and nausea.
  • Not being able to perform tasks due to pain.
  • Frequent blackouts.
  • Sweating, temperature change, etc.

If you have these symptoms, then you have migraines; this is very different from your usual headaches as it can affect you for 2 days and can even cause a “migraine hangover.”

Causes of migraine

There is no solid reasoning or even evidence to prove how migraines are caused. Most of the cases that are of migraines are misjudged for a usual headache and are left unchecked and untreated.

  • Imbalance of chemical changes in the body, ways the nerves communicate, and even the increase or the decrease of blood vessels in the body.
  • Hormonal changes – Changes that are caused by menstruation, that can cause a temperature change in the body.
  • Emotions – If one suffers from depression and anxiety or any other emotional triggers, one is prone to migraines.
  • Medications – Consuming many tablets like hormonal tablets, sleeping pills, and even birth control. 
  • Other reasons – Tiredness, lack of sleep, poor posture, dehydration, etc.

Tips and Tricks to Relive

Although migraines may be inevitable, there are several ways to curb the feeling that is –

  • Avoid loud surroundings and bright light

These can trigger your sensory motors and cause you a headache; this will soon become a migraine. Take a break from working on a laptop to watching TV, adjust the brightness to your settings.

  • Maintain a diary

Whenever you get a migraine, always pen it down. Try to write and find answers to what, how, why, and which means did this cause. If you also maintain a record of what you eat, you can identify the food sources that trigger you.

  • Avoid stress

This is one of the main reasons why one suffers from a migraine. Meditate or do yoga, anything to calm yourself down and to take things off your mind.

Massage therapy treatments is one of the well-known treatments that therapists use. This treatment encompasses several other treatments and has been practiced in several countries for over 1000 years. This not only helps to reduce anxiety, stress but also helps with the imbalance of hormones.


Overall, there has been no scientific breakthrough to recover from migraines fully, but if one follows the tips and rules, then they can be sure to reduce it.

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