Xtreme Antler Boost Energy And Melt Fat With This Unique Spray

It’s a weird one, no question about it. It’s almost as strange as where the main ingredient in the product comes from the velvet that grows on deer antlers. (No worries, it’s harvested delicately by professional veterinarians.) Just click on Natural testosterone booster reviews to see what’s all this hype is all about. What’s more important than the name, though, is what this breakthrough supplement does:

  • It works to build new, lean muscle
  • It helps melt away stubborn body fat
  • It gives a huge boost to your energy levels
  • It improves your recovery time after workouts and promotes healing
  • It puts your sex life into overdrive
  • It improves your memory and cognitive skills

That’s quite a lot to expect from a deer’s antlers. But there’s a lot more to Xtreme Antler than just deer velvet. Read on.

The Story Behind Deer Antler Velvet

We’ve already mentioned that velvet taken humanely from a deer’s antlers is where the primary ingredient in Xtreme antlers comes from. The extract of this velvet, though, is much more than a curiosity. It’s also known as IGF-1 (or insulin-like growth factor 1), a growth hormone which in addition to helping children with growth problems, can increase the amount of cell growth in the body, essentially healing injuries quickly.

If this sounds at all familiar, it’s because Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis reportedly used deer antler velvet spray to heal a torn triceps muscle right before the Super Bowl in 2013, although he’s denied that report.

Even the ancient Chinese knew the power of this extract, using it for everything from weight loss and muscle repair to boosting sex drive. Now, its incredible ability to increase muscle growth and definition, and to improve the strength and structure of your bones, is available in Xtreme Antler spray.

There’s Even More To Xtreme Antler Than IGF-1

Simply using deer antler velvet extract would make a huge difference in your workouts and sex life. But the makers of Xtreme Antler have included a number of other key ingredients to take the supplement to an unheard-of level

L-arginine stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which widens your blood vessels for optimum delivery of nutrients to your muscles, helping them heal after workouts and then helping them to grow.

Tribulus Terrestris and eurycoma longifolia work to boost the body’s production of the essential hormone testosterone (which declines as men age), increasing your energy levels and your sexual desire and performance, while promoting lean muscle growth and fat burning.

Epimedium (horny goat weed) helps ease joint pain after your workouts and has been used as a powerful aphrodisiac and sexual performance enhancer for centuries.

The combination of these amino acids, herbs, and extracts in Xtreme Antler creates the “perfect storm” for pro athletes and workout warriors, as well as men who just want to improve their body and sex life.

Xtreme Antler – Don’t Settle For Less

There are some less-than-honest vendors who sell deer antler velvet oral supplements. The problem is that the extract isn’t fully absorbed by the body when taken orally; it must be used as a nasal spray in order to get fast, complete, and effective absorption. Be sure to order Xtreme Antler spray for the full effect of this powerful supplement – and be sure to take advantage of the manufacturer’s limited-time offer of a free bottle for a small shipping charge.

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