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There was a time when print and electronic media called the shots but now things have changed and for the better because it has helped make the world a small place indeed as people are now connected to near and dear ones sitting miles apart.

What with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, you can make various friends from different walks of life but for now we’ll focus on YouTube because to discuss all platforms would take at least half a dozen articles.

Now where to begin? For starters, YouTube is a video streaming platform where you can find and watch your favorite videos and also create your own content like a YouTube channel with a unique topic but the problem is that different people have different reasons to be on YouTube that we shall discuss about here.

Viewership Basis

Some people create a YouTube channel because they want to utilize their oratory skills by being in front of the camera and connect with millions of subscribers worldwide.

This can be done by choosing a specific topic and creating a channel with a unique name that will attract the people that are interested and they will accordingly join in but it doesn’t meant that you need just one topic.

There are some that are on YouTube just for being famous as name and fame are two things that everyone desires to have at least once in their lifetime and some would willingly go to ANY extent to get it while others are satisfied with what they have and yet there are some for whom even infamy and notoriety is an excellent reward.

Then you have those that create a channel for monetary gains and there isn’t anything wrong with that as long as you are doing it by means of going further with the help of more subscribers where they will provide financial help to better your channel requirements for future endeavors.

Subscribers are like an extended family on YouTube as it is due to them that your channel starts growing in numbers with each passing day so if you are a budding YouTuber and want to try your luck out then you need to follow certain steps.

It is easy to buy YouTube subscribers and views because you need to have confidence in your talent and ability to attract them with your videos as they should be knowledgeable to them.

Solid Way

The first milestone on YouTube is to get a thousand subscribers that can be done in the following ways:

  1. First you need to focus on your audience rather than revenue because once you upload a couple of them on the channel you’ll start seeing their comments on what they want to see so take care to follow their instructions as that will pave way for others too
  2. You should start with smaller milestones like 100 subscribers, 200 next, then 250, 300 and so on so that 1000 can be achieved in the shortest possible time
  3. Go to the video tab on your channel page and search the most popular videos so that they are sorted and make more on the same content to increase subscriber count

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