Everything You Need To Know About Mercury News And Short Term Loans

The MercuryNews, previously the San Jose Mercury News, is an early daily newspaper produced in San Jose, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is commonly referred to as The Merc. A division of Digital First Media, the Bay Area News Group publishes it. It had a daily readership of 611,194 as of March 2013 and was the fifth most popular newspaper in the country.

In 2018, the publication had a daily readership of 324,500 and a Sunday readership of 415,200.This will be worse by 2021. The Bay Area News Group no longer tracks circulation, but instead “readership.” They estimated that in 2021 they would have a “reader base” of 312,700 adults per day.

What are short term loans?

If you need money right now for a dream vacation, an overhaul from an old computer, or to pay off a long-overdue credit card payment, you could choose a short-term loan. These are short-term personal loans that can be taken out for less than a year. 

– Borrowing costs, on the other hand, are higher due to the short term of payments. Notwithstanding this, compared to regular bank loans, this financial instrument is quite popular because to its ease of acceptance and minimal documentation requirements.

What are some types of short term loans?

1) The traditional personal loan is arguably the most common of the company’s short-term mortgages. Bond yields are greater than secured bank loans. The EMIs, or equated monthly installments, are calculated based on the borrower’s earnings to ensure that she does not miss any payments.

2) Payday loans have been more popular in India in recent years. The amount given is generally less than a personal loan, but the money is accessible to the borrower right away. To apply for the loan, you only need to upload your pay stub, personal account setup (PAN), banking information, and a few other data. Within a few hrs or a day, the loan is credited to the debtor’s bank account.

3) Bridge loans, also known as swing loans, are short-term loans designed to meet your immediate liquidity need. Bridge loans, often known as “gap finance,” are used when funds are required but not accessible. Bridge loans are a great choice if you’re waiting for a long-term house loan to purchase property and need some fast cash for the down – payment. However, when compared to regular loans, the loan processing charge and cost of borrowing are greater.

4) Credit card loan: If you have a credit card, you may get a pre-approved short-term loan using it. Several banks will examine your payment card history and available credit when making this sort of loan. The processing cost starts at 500, and the cost of borrowing varies between 12 and 25 percent depending on the bank. The payback period is usually variable, ranging from three to twenty-four months.

5) Demand loans: In the event of a financial emergency, demand loans come in helpful. Such loans are available from both banks and non-banking investment institutions (NBFCs) and are secured by insurance policies and modest savings vehicles like national savings certificates (NSCs).

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