Pre And Post Workout Nutrition Tips

The Importance Of Insulin In Your Workout Nutrition

is the food you consume before and after your workout. When working out, you are changing certain hormones in your body that will determine whether you store or burn fat. Food just like exercise, alters these same hormones. If you consume the wrong types of food for your workout nutrition , you can slow down the release of the fat burning hormones produced from your workout.

Insulin is an important hormone that is released from carbohydrates. The timing of your carbohydrates plays an important role in whether you…

  • store fat
  • burn fat or
  • build muscle.

If you consume sugary foods before you workout, insulin will increase and fat burning will decrease.

When your goal is fat burning, stay away from these foods for your pre workout nutrition…

  • Fruit Juices
  • Sport Drinks
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Bread.

However, these same foods in moderation combined with protein will help with muscle building if consumed immediately after your workout.

Here are 4 tips on pre and post workout nutrition to help you better reach your fat loss or muscle building goals.

Workout Nutrition Tip #1 – Whey Protein For Pre Workout Nutrition

Substitute whey protein in place of carbohydrates for your pre workout nutrition. By allowing a steady source of amino acids to balance blood sugar while simultaneity lowering the insulin release from consuming whey protein, you will produce a greater energy production and fat burning results for your workout.

Workout Nutrition Tip #2 – Avoid Sport Drinks Before Or During Your Workout

Consuming sport drinks during or before your workout will decrease the amount of fat your burn. This is because the more sugar you consume, the less the body will rely on stored fat as the primary source of fuel during the workout.

Workout Nutrition Tip #3 – Whey Protein For Post Workout Nutrition

Whey protein consumed with simple carbohydrates will help raise insulin and lower cortisol. This will help store the incoming calories in the muscle instead of being stored as fat. The best time to consume your post workout nutrition is within 60 minutes after your workout.

Workout Nutrition Tip #4 – Never Eat Carbohydrates By Themselves

Eating carbohydrates by themselves, even in a post workout meal is not a good idea if you are trying to burn fat. After you workout, your body is repairing tissues and trying to mobilize fat to be used as fuel. A high intake of carbohydrates greater than 50 grams without protein will not help with fat loss. Also, consuming fat is not recommended in your workout nutrition. Any fat that is consumed before or after your workout will be used as fuel for your body instead of your own fat stores.

Workout Nutrition Final Thought

While you are ardently following the discussed tips, you can also aid the workout with the best boost supplements. Testomax has a fine graded review for being one of the suitable to aid pre and post-workout. You don’t have to scoop and drink shakes, for it is a simple pill to consume. But before you use learn more about Testo Max to ensure it suits you perfectly. 

If fat burning and muscle gains is your goal, you can have carbohydrates with protein in your post workout meal. But if you go overboard on your carbohydrates in your post workout nutrition, you will be storing fat instead of burning fat when you are building new muscle mass.

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