Rowing Machine – Why Should You Include Rowing In A Workout?

Rowing is one of the most popular workout exercises performed at a gym and even at home. You will need to have a rowing machine to row. One does not need to be a trained fitness enthusiast to row on a rowing machine as it is straightforward to use while providing fantastic health benefits. Rowing machines are also known called ergometers and ergs. These machines require you to use your upper body and the lower body with each stroke. The exercise performed on a rowing machine helps strengthen and tone the muscles while improving endurance.

Working out on a rowing machine regularly will also help your health and lungs. No matter your fitness level, you can count on a rowing machine as it can be used even by beginners. You can include rowing in your everyday workout routine while taking occasional breaks. Exercises on towing machines have been safe for individuals with health problems. People with low vision and blindness can also use rowing machines without difficulty. Studies have also shown that working out on a rowing machine can also help in reducing body fat and mass. People with high cholesterol levels have also shown a positive decrease in their levels.

Rowing is low impact

Not many people know, but towing machine workouts are low impact. Rowing helps in burning many calories, and at the same time, it is a low-impact workout. Rowing exercise does not put any additional stress on the joints. Thus, it is safe for people with joint problems and muscle aches. Rowing allows individuals to have control over their movement and speed pace. Therefore, it gives them added flexibility. If a person is in the early stage of osteoarthritis, they can continue working out on a rowing machine as it does not lead to any physical problems. The rowing machine can help improve the movements of the elbow, shoulders, lumbar region, and knees by 30 percent.

Rowing is meditative

Rowing has a positive connection with the mind and emotional health. Working out in the towing machine can have calming effects on the mind. This is because rowing offers a smooth and gliding motion with repetition. The continuous movement on the rowing machine can allow the human mind to be on autopilot that will release endorphins. Endorphins are the feel-good hormone that further aid in reducing stress.

Improved heart and lungs health

Like cardio exercises, rowing machine exercises can strengthen the cardiovascular system, including the heart, vessels, and blood. The cardiovascular system transports essential materials like nutrients, oxygen, and minerals throughout the body. Rowing is a low-impact but intense workout that can improve heart strength. It eliminates the risks of developing heart problems such as stroke and cardiac arrest.

Rowing can also increase endurance and stamina. If one uses the rowing machine row correctly, they will have to use their leg muscles and arms to propel the body back while the arms row. The movement requires power and endurance to sustain the activity. Rowing will give you more strength to work out and prolong your physical activity. Check out  to get acquainted with the best rowing machine for workouts.

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