Ten Great Widgets For Your Tumblr Blog

The thing many of us Tumblr users love about Tumblr is how it’s so customizable. With a little knowledge of how to navigate your Tumblr theme’s html, you can make your Tumblr blog look how you want it to look.

Below, I’ve gathered a wide range of 10 great widgets you can add to your Tumblr blog just by grabbing the widget’s code and pasting it into your Tumblr theme’s code. To get to your theme’s html, simply go to your Tumblr blog’s settings: Log into Tumblr, click your settings (the gear button on top of the screen) and click your blog’s title on the left. Next, click the customize button on the right and then the “edit HTML” button on the left. This is where the code is for your theme and where you’d paste the widget code.

Most of these widgets are normally placed in your theme’s sidebar, but you’re welcome to paste it wherever you want the widget to appear on your blog. If you want the widget to appear on your sidebar, just look for the sidebar section of your code and paste the widget code in there. Be sure to make a backup of your theme before doing this in case a mistake is made. You can make a backup by copying and pasting all of your theme’s code on to a text file and saving it to your hard drive.

For each widget listed below, just click the link next to their number and it’ll take you to the web page that will show you how to get the widget’s code.

On to the widgets, in no particular order:

1. Music Player Widget: For adding a song or a playlist to your blog.

2. Twitter Widget: This widget will display your tweets on your blog.

3. Hit Counter: This will let you know how many visitors your blog has received since adding the widget.

4. Clock Widget: A widget that will display a clock with the time of the city of your choice.

5. Flag Counter: When added to your Tumblr blog, this flag counter will add a new flags representing the countries of your visitors.

6. Followers Counter: This is a widget you can add to your Tumblr blog if you want to show how many followers you have.

7. Tumblr Cloud: Tumblr cloud is like a tag cloud for your Tumblr blog and will show the words you blog about the most.

8. Social Sharing Buttons: Adding this widget to your blog will add social sharing buttons which will allow your visitors to share your posts across a variety of social networks.

9. Polls: Polldaddy.com has widgets if you want to add polls to your blog.

10. Facebook Likes Widget: This widget will add a Facebook like widget to your blog. You’d need to have a Facebook page in order to use this widget.

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