What Is Coolsculpting All About?

Every individual aims for a healthy and slim body because it is attractive and enhances the person’s look. It also keeps the individual away from all the possible diseases and problems that other people face. Many times, people get fat and want to return to their original shape. It is then that coolsculpting treatment comes into play. Despite coolsculpting side effects, many people get it done and attain the figure they have always wanted. It is carried out by professionals and is done in a comfortable environment.

What are the risks involved?

Some of the coolsculpting side effects are:

  1. A Sensation of tugging at the treatment area: during the procedure, the doctor places a roll of fat between the cooling panels that are being treated in the body, and it further creates a tugging sensation that an individual must put up with for at least two hours because this is the average time taken by the treatment.
  2. Stings, aches, and pains in the treatment area: a common side effect of this procedure involves pain, aches, and stinging on the area being treated. They usually begin as soon as the treatment starts and go on for about 2-3 weeks after the treatment. The main cause of the same can be exposure to cool and intense temperatures in the skin and the tissues.
  3. Swelling, bruising, skin sensitivity, and temporary redness at the treatment area: All these are the side effects of the procedure that are caused due to cold temperatures and go away after some weeks automatically. It affects the skin in the same way as frostbite does because the fatty tissue which is just below the skin is targeted.
  4. Paradoxical hyperplasia in the treatment area: It is one of the most serious side effects of the procedure and usually occurs in men. Here, the fatty cells of the treatment area grow large rather than small, and it is dangerous for an individual. Besides, this does not go away on its own and requires a proper medication of itself.

Is there any alternative?

Some other alternatives to coolsculpting mainly include:

  • Sculpsure: it is like coolsculpting but makes use of controlled technology. It heats all the fat cells till they are destroyed and does not take much time. On average, there are 2-3 treatments where the duration of each one is 20-25 minutes.
  • Zerona: it is another cold laser technology that uses heats all the fat cells in a gentle manner. Individuals going through this treatment must maintain a strict diet routine and take at least 6 treatments within 2 weeks. Besides, it does not require downtime, and an individual can return to doing their daily activities in no time.

Thus, every individual who requires it badly should get it done because there are also many benefits of this fat elimination treatment. Once eliminated, the fat cells never return to the body, and there is no scare of incision or scarring, as well as an individual does not require any recovery or rest time.

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