Kamikoto Knife- Instrument of Nature

There is a difference between good and great where you’ll find that people want to go for the latter on all occasions especially when it concerns items that we use in our daily life every day.

Among the many items is a kitchen knife that is used to cut fruits, vegetables and many eatable items so almost everyone must have seen and held it many times as we all know a bit of cooking ourselves.

The knife that we are going to discuss in this article is Kamikoto, a name that not too many folks are familiar with for obvious reasons because it is a Japanese company that specializes in steelmaking but is quite proficient in sharpening kitchen knives through a century old technique.

Brief Summary

Today you’ll find many companies that will claim that they make the best knife in town but Kamikoto knives are perfect for use in the kitchen with some excellent maneuvers that can be learnt in swishing it in a unique manner.

There might be some people that claim that all kitchen knives are the same but what they’re forgetting is that the brand value of each one is as different from one another as ‘different’ can be.

It should be mentioned that there are certain blades that are heavy to hold for people that might not be strong enough and will accidentally throw it down causing great damage to the knife and their hands.

Kamikoto knives are different in this regard because the technique involved in their creation dates back to many centuries in Japan and we all know that craftsmanship in those times was nothing short of superlative because the polish and finesse with which the single bevel blades were created were extremely advanced.

People that have never held a kitchen knife in hand will find it very discomforting to do so in the initial stages because the style of blade used for Kamikoto are different from the ones used today.

The blades used for knives of today are artificial and don’t last for more than a few months while some barely work well beyond a week but Kamikoto knives last for many years.

The Kamikoto Kanpeki knife set has some of the best traditional knives in Japan that are widely used all over the world and can be purchased on Amazon for around $210 and it is a good price considering its worth.

Sharpness Quotient

Expert chefs love the sharpness quotient of Kamikoto as they have seen the worth of Kanpeki knife set for themselves with renowned chef Gordon Ramsay recommending them for other cooks to try out.

The 8.5 inch knife is perfect for cutting non vegetarian food like fish and meat easily with a single slice while the 7 inch nakiri model is perfect for cutting vegetables and finally there is the 5 inch model that is perfect for cutting onions, herbs and chilly into tiny pieces.

There are numerous sets like Senshi that has knives ranging from 5 to 10 inches that you can learn more about through Kamikoto knives reviews available online along with many YouTube videos regarding its usage for beginners.

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