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According to scientific researches, every human body has estimated 100,000 hair follicles . Each hair follicle can grow at least 20 hair strands in a lifetime. Everyday, you lose about 25-100 strands of hair but that is still considered normal as part of the regular hair cycle. You will start having hair loss problems once the cycle becomes abnormal because of several factors. This will also be the time when you start looking for natural hair regrowth products.

Along with the natural remedies, you can buy the Hair growth products to get sufficient growth of hairs on scalp. There are several factors that you need to know for the selection of the right products. There are no problems available on the health of the people with the growth products. 

Hair loss can be classified into alopecia areata, pattern baldness, alopecia totalis, and alopecia universalis. Men, women, adolescents, and even children can suffer from extreme hair loss.

If you want to find out the best natural hair re-growth products that you can use, you must first know the cause or causes of hair loss. If you have sebaceous cysts found on your head, then you may likely suffer from temporary hair loss. The cysts are brought about by poor diet, parasites, poor digestion, and nutritional or vitamin deficiencies.

Some medications and drugs cause hair loss as well and if you stop taking them, hair loss can be prevented or even stopped. Examples are contraceptives, blood thinners, retinoids, excessive vitamin A, antidepressants, and chemotherapy drugs.

Alopecia or baldness is of different types. One example is traction alopecia and it is caused by tight braids and cornrows. Constant hair pulling can also lead to this condition. The gene is another cause wherein if any of your mother or father experienced hair loss, you can inherit the same condition. An underactive as well as overactive Thyroid gland may cause your hair to shed and fall out. Once the thyroid disease is treated, your hair will no longer fall out excessively,

Fungal infections are considered culprits that cause hair loss. Some localized baldness are brought about by skin growths and tumors.

Natural hair regrowth remedies are one of the best treatment alternatives especially if you’ve already exhausted all the medical hair loss products given by your doctor. This is also a good choice because they are a lot cheaper. The herbal remedies are good examples. You can try sage tea and use it to rinse your hair and scalp. Use it everyday when you clean your hair as a tonic.

There are herbal shampoos sold in the market and you can use it after treating your hair and scalp with sesame oil at night. Apple cider can also be applied to your hair as well as garlic oil.

DHT inhibitors like saw palmetto are great to combat hair loss. The Chinese people are also known to use polygonum multiflorum to address hair loss. But if you have plans of using Chinese herbs, make sure that you buy from it from a reputable seller and supplier.

Other herbs and oils that you can use are rosemary, olive oil, almond oil, nettles, horsetail, gotu kola, jojoba oil, and many others; your doctor knows about these herbs, all you have to do is ask him or her.

These herbs and oils can be purchased in any local store. All you have to do is to prepare homemade remedies and you can already make a natural hair re-growth remedy. If commercial hair loss products don’t work for you, try the natural remedies because they truly work. In fact, if you try to conduct a research online, you will find out more about how effective and powerful herbs are.

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