The Tower Tarot Card – The benefits that you need to know 

During a tarot card reading, many individuals throughout the world will get a number 16 which is The Tower card. Within this article we are going to be telling you about The Tower card in order to give you an understanding when you are either doing a reading for someone or getting a reading done for you own self.

In order to get the benefits of the tarot card, there is a need to learn about the indigo chakra meaning to have the protection for the availability of the desired results. The gathering of the information about it is essential for the people to have the desired results in life and attaining success. 

As we go on with our lives, we all are known to strive to retain and obtain a sense of individual identity. This all starts at The Emperor and don’t forget the feeling of “I Am.” We are known for drawing people, places and thing in our lives that will help us maintain what we think is going to be our identity. Brick by brick, piece by piece we build up our ego personality which in The Tower this is represented by the Tower itself. Then something always happens that will shatter all of our illusions and the Tower falls down.

When it comes to our life, you are going to find two ways that are very distinct in which The Tower is experienced. The first one is when something happens to us that is totally unexpected. The second one is when someone undermines our personality deliberatly in order to damage and destroy the self confidence that we had.

Many individuals will get The Tower when they are going through the break up of a relationship that they have been in for a long time. Their identity has been built up on being the other individuals partner, the friends that are being shared, the dreams being shared and also the shared income. You see, when a long term relationship comes to a crash so will everything else that was in the individuals life.

Shock is known to shut down the heart chakra and this will be creating feelings of numbness with inability to experience the emotions we have. When it comes to Tarot, the heart chakra is being sybolised by the Ace of Cups. In a reading that is symbolizing a broken heart you will find The Tower card close to the Ace of Cups reversed.

When The Tower card comes up then this may mean that the individual is going through trauma. If the trauma is from many years ago then this shows that they have not went through the proper stages of grief and have not cried enough. Generally, crying will allow you to get over trauma.

If you look at the other side of The Tower you will find that this is when one individual deliberately sets out to undermine another individual. This may be because of jealousy or if the two individuals are in a relationship together then this may be fear of being abandoned. The fear and jealousy that is there may be from the unconscious idea that if one individual achieves more then they are no longer going to want to be with someone who is no worthy. In a reading, if the Nine of Coins reversed is close to The Tower then this may mean the individual is fearing being abandoned and is extremely insecure.

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