Top Six Common Relationship Breakers? How To Avoid Or Fix Them?

Relationship killers are the little things that sabotage a bond between two people. The vast reasons don’t usually kill relationships. Instead, they are more like markers of a relationship’s success or failure, depending on how they were handled and where they left the bond in its wake.

Some common problems that leave relationships broken are known widely by people. For instance, lack of intimacy on either side, too much criticism from one partner towards the other, or even unwillingness to compromise can be a reason for a breakup in a relation.

However, some other causes can also lead to one`s relationship destruction. Thus, by knowing them, people can not only avoid them but can also learn the way how to solve them on their own.

Mentioned below are six of the significant steps to a relation. By understanding those, people can learn why their relationship ended in vain and what to do about it next.

Bitterness Against Their Partner

There are quite a few counselors that are specifically there for the couple. Some have also assigned a few tips for people who want to keep a falling apart relationship. One of them is harboring bitterness that can lead to a breakup.

According to the couple’s counselor, Nancy McWilliams, if you harbor bitterness towards your mate, you may end up with a broken heart. She says that bitterness can lead to a breakup as it also gives an impression that you’ve lost control of your emotions, which means that it’s not easy for you to make decisions and communicate effectively.

Commonly, relationships are derailed by what seem like small things at the time in this fast-paced modern world. However, dealing with problems in the early stages of a relationship is key to its success and keeping it alive throughout the years that are still to come.

Sexual Needs And Their Completion

It is not only your sexual desire that needs to be discussed in a relationship but also their appearance with family and friends. If a person does not feel comfortable making them known to others, the chances of finding someone willing to do that for you when the time comes decrease.

The common problem is that sex is withheld by one or both individuals for fear of rejection or embarrassment during relationships. Consequently, if this happens too often over time, it can result in a breakup between the two involved individuals.

Another reason can be that one is not able to fulfill other`s sexual desires; thus, one can even learn about Performer 8, which can enhance their sexual ability manifold. Doing so is also essential as feeling rejected in their mind itself, they may start to dislike their partner even though they haven`t done anything.

Thus, it can lead your relationship to an end, although your partner never did anything wrong. Thus, speaking out to them about your sexual desires is quite essential.

Telling Your Partner About Negative Thoughts Against Them

Expressing negative thoughts towards your partner is unfair, especially if the person you are talking about is aware of them and willing to work on their weaknesses. Such a person will never notice any improvement you make in improving yourself because all that matters to them is that there’s no change in the behavior.

Therefore, everyone should understand that even with the best effort, you can do nothing against someone who does not want to improve. This will make them sad as they now know you think wrong about them and do not like them. Thus, both sides might not even be willing to continue their relationship anymore.

Not Giving Gifts Or Surprises

Every relationship needs challenges and surprises. When these stop, the relationship is in trouble. It needs to continue growing and evolving with challenges, some that you may not anticipate.

If there is no other reason for being together but convenience, one is living out each day waiting for their partner to give them a surprise or a gift that will make their life exciting. In any healthy relationship, there will be moments where one person feels like they are giving more than they are getting from their partner. 

There have been many types of research and studies about this as people expect some secret gift from their partner and if they do not get one, it will make them sad. Thus giving gifts can be crucial so that a relationship is always interesting for both people and give them new and unexpected things from time to time.

Making Assumptions On Their Own

Making assumptions is one of a partner’s biggest mistakes in a relationship. The partner who makes the assumption will always feel hurt, often even bitter that their partner has hurt them, without good reason. As a result, they will retreat behind walls and often won’t tell their partner how they feel or interpret things.

It takes a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and makes someone else’s problems your own. But, if they want to ensure that their relationship lasts, then letting some of those problems and trusting your partner to be there for you is crucial in keeping mutual respect high. 

Thus, doing some simple things and taking precautions against others can help them maintain their relationship as long as they want.  This is, too, without any feeling of hate or bitterness in any of their minds. However, even if they get into a situation of their relationship falls apart, they can get it together with the help of talking with them with ease.

Uncomfortable Silence

This can be said as the most unconditional thing that can ever happen in a relationship. For instance, both of the couples are sitting side-by-side talking, and they do not have anything to talk about the other moment.

This means that either they are uninterested in being in this relationship or one of them.  It can also mean that they do not want to share anything with their partner or do not know much about them to start a conversation.

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