Check out These Tutorials to excel in Minecraft Survival Game 

Since its formation, the Minecraft survival game has been widely popular among players throughout the world. Players stay so much motivated that they continue playing even after facing hurdles along their way. The game is designed just like the situation players deal in real life. Hence, it is very exciting to undertake one of the many Minecraft Survival Servers and learn valuable life experiences. 

If you just take on the survival game mode, try out these fundamental tips and tricks to get the most out of the game. 

Gather enough wood

On entering the survival mode, start collecting wood. Punch in the trees and get the ultimate resource for cooking and burning. The wood collection will definitely help the players to stay in the game and head towards the next journey.

Make zombie proofing doors 

While you stay inside the basement, make zombie-resistant doors to prevent the harmful zombies from coming inside the closes state. Players are suggested to apply fundamental game mechanics to make the zombies puzzled about the actual state of the doors. From the technical view, the door looks open to the zombies, whereas it is actually in a close state. This way you can keep yourself out of the possible dangers.

Opt for finding a village

When you start playing the Minecraft Survival game, you will understand that village is a crucial part of it. Thus, it is better to spend your valuable time learning the basic rules and gathering important resources to survive long.

Explore all the possible crafted objects

If you allow yourself to explore the items for the crafting system, you will be most benefitted. Thus, be familiarized with the game and make your survival night successful. 

Wear pumpkin heads to handle Enderman

To prevent from making the mistake of looking at Enderman, players can wear pumpkin heads and stare at Enderman. In this way, the abundance of Endermen will not get provoked at your stares.

Avoid staying underground as much as possible

If you opt for staying beneath the ground, you will face many challenges than staying above the ground. However, here also you are likely to get threatened by mobs, but it will be easy for you to deal with them with the basic knowledge of the game. 

Carry water buckets without fail

Water buckets are the all-purpose tool that you must carry all the time playing the Minecraft survival game. whether you protect yourself from lava, come down a ravine or push over lava, players can take full advantage of carrying a water bucket. 

Build walls to keep safe

Whether you distract creepers from arriving or protect your accommodation, build walls to save your life. Don’t forget to light up the surrounding areas to stop mobs give rise.

The bottom line

Instead of relying on the default game settings, make some alterations to it for improving the frame rate. While you get provoked to play on Minecraft Survival Servers you have to look for various tutorials to create maximum possibilities within the game. At first, the game might seem complex to you but keep updated yourself to make your journey easy. 

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