The True Power of Giving Back: Harold Matzner’s Philanthropic Philosophy

Harold Matzner is a prominent Palm Springs, California businessman, and philanthropist. He has dedicated himself to the betterment of his community through generous donations of time and money. Through his own example of giving back to the community, he hopes to inspire others to do the same. His philanthropic philosophy has helped shape the lives of many in Palm Springs and beyond. You can watch him talk about his philanthropic journey and his motivations in this video:

Matzner’s background & early business ventures

Born in Los Angeles in 1943, Harold Matzner grew up working in his father’s small business in Inglewood, California, before attending college at UCLA. After graduating with an MBA, he founded a successful real estate development company that eventually became one of the largest developers in Southern California. He also ventured into the hospitality industry with interests in some popular restaurants, complemented by investments in numerous other businesses, including airlines and manufacturing companies across the US.

Philanthropy becomes part of his life’s work

Matzner’s success enabled him to turn his attention to philanthropy as early as 1980 when he established the Harold Matzner Family Foundation, which focuses on improving the quality of life for people living in communities throughout greater Los Angeles County and the Coachella Valley, as well as supporting educational opportunities for students both locally and nationally. In the decades since, he has continued to dedicate both time and resources to worthy causes such as healthcare reform, poverty alleviation, and artistic endeavors, among many others.

Giving back to education and the arts

Some notable examples include providing significant financial support to institutions such as Stanford University, where several dozen students have received scholarships through Matzner’s generosity over the years, while countless other educational institutions have benefited from his commitment to education through scholarship funds or endowments provided by the Harold Matzner Family Foundation. In addition, Mr. Matzner is a strong believer in public art programs that encourage creativity in local youth, so it should come as no surprise that various arts-related initiatives throughout Palm Springs have seen significant investment over the years from this passionate individual who cares deeply about helping young people reach their full potential.

A commitment to health and social services

In addition to education, another area in which Mr. Matzner has been deeply involved in health care – particularly cancer research. He served five terms on the board of the City Of Hope Medical Center near Pasadena, California, where $28 million was raised during his tenure and has made significant contributions to social services such as the United Way Of The Desert, which helps provide assistance to the most vulnerable members of society in need of food, shelter or basic medical services.

His legacy: a lasting impact on many lives

Through all of these projects, what stands out most about Mr. Matzer is how genuinely committed he has been over the years to make a positive difference not only in his hometown but also in far-flung places around the world – something rarely seen these days among wealthy individuals who often lack passion or commitment when it comes to charitable giving. But thanks largely to his tireless efforts, many people have been given hope, opportunity or simply a brighter future than they would ever have had without him – inspiring generations to come through the actions taken here today.

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