Does Fat Make You Fat

Does FAT make you FAT – A Good Question?

Well, the answer to this question is YES and NO. It dependents on the kind of fat we are speaking about. Some types of fats are actually crucial for so many necessary bodily functions, but the wrong type of fats are unhealthy and leads to weight gain and a long list of diseases.

Fats You Should Stay Away From:

You probably have heard from the media that hydrogenated oils are harmful to your health The research shows that you should stay away from them at all costs. But, why should you avoid them?

Hydrogenation is a chemical process used to make fat last longer on the shelf. The problem is the hydrogenation process completely transforms the liquid oil’s molecular structure so that your body does not accept the changed molecule as a natural fat. Therefore, it can’t process it and, instead, treats it as a toxin in your body. This “toxin” has been linked to weight gain, obesity, heart disease, cancer, birth defects, and diabetes.

It is important to read ingredient in the labels before you buy! Hydrogenated oil and partially hydrogenated oil are found in most packaged foods like: sugar cereals, chips, pretzels, cookies, crackers, cereal bars, margarine, microwave popcorn. Note that there are even many packaged foods announced as “health foods” that include this toxic ingredient including low-fat and fat-free snacks.

Fats That You Must Eat To Survive:

Now, there are fats that are necessary for your body to function such as essential fatty acids. Your digestion, immune system, hormones and brain are all relying on this healthy fat. This is why those who are on drastic low fat diets often encounter many health problems.

Omega 3 Fats are essential to your good health but can’t be produced by the body which is why it is important that we get these fats from food. Foods high in Omega 3 fats are flax seeds, raw walnuts, sardines, salmon, organic eggs and grass fed beef, leafy green vegetables.

Extensive research shows that omega-3 fatty acids decrease inflammation and help eliminate risk factors with chronic diseases as arthritis, cancer, and heart disease. This essential fatty acid accumulate exceedingly in the brain and appears to be particularly relevant for behavioral and cognitive (brain memory and performance) function. In fact, infants who don’t consume enough omega-3 fatty acids from their mothers during pregnancy are at risk for having vision and nerve problems. Symptoms of deficiency in omega-3 fatty acid are heart problems, poor circulation, dry skin, mood swings or depression, and extreme tiredness (fatigue).

So What Cooking Oil Is Best For You:

The only oil that is suited for high heat organic, and unrefined coconut oil. Coconut oil has been shown to be one of the healthiest oils for your body and improves the body’s metabolic rate which helps in weight loss and losing body fat.

Raw Olive Oil and raw Flax Seed Oil are fantastic oils to use for salad dressing or on cooked or raw veggies. These two oils have a lower melting point and are more healthy when kept raw.

In Summary about healthy fat consumption:

  1. Eliminate all food products having hydrogenated oil and partially hydrogenated oil.
  2. Eat foods high in Omega 3′s such as salmon, organic eggs, flax seeds, and walnuts.
  3. Cook with Coconut Oil that is organic and unrefined.
  4. Coat salads and veggies with raw Extra Virgin Olive Oil and raw Flax seed oil. Also avocados is a healthy source of fat that should be included in your meal plans.

Remember, there are good and bad fats. Eat good fats to keep you and your family in good health!

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