Know About 7 Pest Control Myths V/s Reality

Many people worldwide are already traumatized by a different kind of domestic pest that attacks our houses. There is already much commotion in selecting the best pest control so that none of the fears enter your house. And yet, some floating rumors around the pest controls make it more difficult for people to fight them. 

In this article, we will represent to you the most talked-about pest myths and reality, giving a glimpse of how best pest control elk Grove handles it.

7 Pest Control Myths V/s Reality

  • Myth: People, when judging and planning to get pest control, always evaluate the house. If they see any pest, they will call pest control. It is a common belief that if one doesn’t see a pest in their house, they don’t need a pest control service because that house is pest-free.

Reality: It is completely untrue. That if you don’t see any pest in your house, there isn’t any. The soil and the old ground where your house is do support various creatures. And domestic pets that are hiding carefully.

  • Myth: You have seen many ads. If the house is dirty and old, there would be many pests problems, including Cockroaches and bed bugs that live in your house. This leaves the ultimate impression that if the house is clean, there will be no problem with cockroaches and bed bugs.

Reality: Cockroaches and bed bugs come and are invited, and they may enter the greenhouse in search of food and shelter.

  • Myth: According to the old relationship of cats and rats, it is very sure that you might have thought that getting a cat for rodents would be the solution to your problems, and you will also get a loving pet in your house.

Reality: Getting rodent’s problems and not calling the pest control instead of thinking to get a cat is a seriously bad idea. It is because your cat can be infected by rabies if it eats the rodents. Also, it can get infectious over the cat, spreading the infection of rodents into others, making the cat seriously sick with unhygienic habitat.

  • Myth: Like Tom and Jerry, cheese is very effective for giving bait. It helps rats and rodents into the trap. Many people think this way, as it is the most common myth, but is it true aside from the cartoon?

Reality: It is not true because animals and rodents are more attracted the sweet things. Cheese is also edible, and they will not discriminate, but to attract them better and keep the bait for a long time without having fungus in them, a piece of sugar cookie would help more efficiently.

Also, if the rodents are consuming rotten food and quickly molded, getting fungus, they will be more infectious and ratified.

  • Myth: Ultrasonic repellents are a very effective product without releasing any chemical and infection that spray can give. Is it good to get ultrasonic repellents?

Reality: This myth is quite twisted. Many pests attracted towards the light go into ultrasonic rays and get killed from prolonged exposure. But is it an effective manner to get rid of the pest you have in your house? We can all agree that it is the most expensive way to have pest control in your house with no guarantee. One with the ultrasonic light installation for pests can make pests more immune to the repellent. If the ultrasonic light is effective, the pest can hide somewhere in the dark and only come out when The Lights Are Off. Ultimately making them more used to it. This also heavily supports that the pest living in your house and you can’t see them, making them more equipped with this functionality.

  • Myth: It is wise to apply any spray at night because the pest is active at that time.

Reality: There is no solid explanation of this myth, and one should use pest control repellent every time they get the hint. Pests can attack any day and anytime.

  • Myth: party people thinking that everything you get in retail stores is the solution to your pest control and you can handle it on your own is a total myth.

Reality: People who think the solution to retail stores is everything don’t know that retail stores have very limited products related to pest control. The harmful chemicals to kill the pests are not allowed to be kept in retail stores for legal purposes. Hiring the best Pest control, elk grove is a wise option instead,

Final Thoughts

According to the locals, there are still many myths and rumors that are yet to be gathered and collected. But, having professional pest control for a permanent solution and the safety of your house is a wise choice that anyone can make.

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