The Comparison Between Gel Blaster And Paintball Guns

Do you know about paintball guns and gaol blasters? Do you know about the similarities and differences between the paintball guns and gel blasters? If not, the following paragraphs are very useful for you. Some people have misconceptions that these both are similar, but there is a lot of difference between the two. The difference is best known when you play the sport; it also depicts the strategies you use. Moreover, there is a lot of difference in the safety of using Paintball guns and gel blasters. 


This is the most significant difference between the water beads and paintball guns. It is so prominent that it affects the other three factors, which are ammunition type, size and weight of Ammunition, and fragility.

Let’s have a look at some of the measure factors which highlight the difference between the two.

Ammunition size and weight

There’s a significant difference between the size of paint bold and gel blasters TacNation. You will notice that paintballs are much heavier and more significant than what you get from water beads. Generally, paintball comes in the standard size of.68 caliber, which is approximately 17.3 mm. However, it comes up in various sizes ranges from.43 calibers to .71 caliber, which is approximately 17MM 218MM. On the other hand, gel Blasters are very small in size and attains their full size when you socket in water for several hours. It also comes up in various sizes, ranging from 7MM to 8MM, but its weight is lighter than .21 gram.

Ammunition type

Gel blaster and paintballs come in two different types of ammunition. It is because there is a significant difference between the firing mechanisms of the two. In the fighting mechanism, gel blasters TacNation use water beads which are super absorbent, while paintball guns make use Paint filled projectiles which are also known as paintballs.

Paintball’s all more expensive than bottle beads, and you cannot reuse the ammunition once you used it before. Paintball withstand more pressure while, on the other hand, water beads are made of water, so these are cheap as well as softer.

There’s a massive difference in the coast of the two. Paintball comes around $50 to $75, all we can say dollar of 0.0225 per round. Whereas 10,000 pieces of water beads cost only $10, all we can say is $0.001 round.

Ammunitions fragility

Paintballs are mostly not fragile it means these bowls take more force to break down. However, there are some instances where we find that bullet doesn’t break even after contact. This may explain bowls are more durable as compared to water balls. So these balls are preferred for firing mechanism as it is capable of shooting projectiles even from a distant place.

On the contrary, water beads are projectiles than paintball guns. Moreover, these are softer and lighter in weight, so they are very fragile. So it is not used for shooting projectiles because these ah easily broken the quieting less force.

These are some of the significant differences between paintballs and water beads you must be aware of.

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