The Five Major Exercises For Power And Strength

Some exercises are for muscle strength and some exercises are for endurance but then some exercises are for power & strength. These exercises also help you to increase testosterone. Exercises like “the clean and jerk” and “the snatch” generates more power than any other exercise. Bench press, deadlifts, and squats are three major exercises that are always known to give you strength and endurance by making your muscle size huge. These exercises also allow you to use heavy weights than any other exercise. Here are 5 exercises that build strength and power and in the meantime also transform your physique.

  • 1st exercise: Clean and Jerk

Clean and jerk are one of those exercises that is very intense and thus increases your strength quicker than any other exercise. The method to perform clean and jerk is simple; you start by pulling a barbell to your shoulders while bending your knees to have a firm grip on the barbell. While you catch the barbell, you are in a squat position, and then you get back up to the straight position making one complete squat and further pushing the barbell above your head.

  • 2nd exercise: Snatch

Snatch exercise starts with pulling the weight above your head in a continuous single movement without any break. However, you have to bend your knees to catch it once the weights are above your head. Snatch is immensely helpful in increasing your strength of shoulders as well as legs. Your body gradually starts to build up strength due to the pulling of the weight. Snatch is also the first lift contest in Olympic sports that accounts for weightlifting.

  • 3rd exercise: Deadlift

The great Deadlifts!!! Deadlifts are one of the 3 major exercises that powerlifters perform. Deadlifts strengthen your lower back, hips, legs, and upper back. Deadlifts have always been known to increase strength and it accounts under the tag of full-body exercises. You start deadlifts by standing straight, then bent your back and hold the barbell. You have to pull the barbell from the ground. Your feet should be placed at your shoulder apart. It is highly recommended to start with low weights and gradually increase the weight, jumping directly onto heavyweights would just obliterate your back by tearing your muscles.

  • 4th exercise: Bench Press

Bench Press is the only exercise that generates power and strength by lying on a flat bench(you can also use an incline or decline bench). The performing bench press is quite easy. You start with lying on a bench, after griping the bar you first push it out of the rack and then bring it down to your chest then slowly push the bar up back to the starting position and squeeze your chest muscles to allow blood flow. It is highly recommended that you don’t bounce the bar off your chest, try taking your feet off the floor for stability (if required).

  • 5th exercise: Squat

One of my personal favorite exercises is Squat. Squats are also termed full-body workouts. Squats not only help to build leg muscles but also strengthen the core, lower back, calves, and glutes. It is highly recommended to do squats if you want to increase flexibility and body balance. Squats are effective if performed in the right form. Many advanced bodybuilders recommend not performing squats outside the squat rack or power cage, and try to firm your grip on the bar, and use wrist bands to avoid grip failure.

While performing these exercises we advise you to maintain proper form to avoid injury. Push yourselves but don’t over-exert yourself that you cause yourself more harm than good. Discipline and consistency are necessary for any workout regime to show results and prove to be effective.

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