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We are in 2022 and technology has seen a massive surge in the last decade or so and it is expected to grow in the coming decades as well because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next technological breakthrough that we are going to see.

The internet revolution in the 1980s was a big turning point when we got to witness a website that would provide information for almost any query at the time. Slowly it developed and redeveloped in the coming years and today we are living in a world that is impossible to exist without internet.

Tech savvy individuals aside even an ordinary common man cannot hope to exist without internet due to it becoming such a reliable discovery since the 80s and today we have social media platforms to learn something new every day that has made print and electronic media obsolete.

Internet has also found its way into our mobile phones big time but you also need a strong Wi-Fi connection in your house. Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Local Area Network (LAN) are two connections that almost every household must possess.

Speed Matter

With each passing year, Wi-Fi connections and internet facilities become more and more advantage so much so that people aren’t satisfied with the current speed of their connection and want it to be faster.

Even if a video starts buffering for a few seconds many people become impatient and feel a strong urge to bash the Wi-Fi router to pieces. There was a time when a strong internet connection depended on your landline telephone but now things have become wireless, including the phone.

Now VPNs are no longer at the mercy of the telephone cord and totally rely on wireless connections where you just have to type the Wi-Fi password and get going with surfing anything that takes your fancy.

To have strong VPN connections you need to look hard online because there are some that are excellent and others that are bad that pretend to be top notch so here are some important ones that come to mind.

VPN List

Its speed is blistering and crisp to say the least which is why it is considered an all rounder amongst others where you can get high speed internet in locations of different ranges and altitude along with some relevant offers that spring up now and then that come at an affordable price.

  • CyberGhost

Another one with top notch quality and speed although it isn’t considered in the same league as the above but when it comes to speed it is a worthy consideration with $2.20 per month so you can understand how high it would be in demand.

  • Hide.me

It is faster in speed compared to the other two when you use OpenVPN and WireGuard that comes with strong configurable applications.

  • ExpressVPN

Again its speed is quite fast with some excellent applications and configurable features.

  • IPVanish

It serves in more than 70 locations with more than 3000 servers and has been a favorite among many users despite falling in ranks due to stiff competition from others.

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