What Are Knock Knees And Its Treatment?

Growth is a part of human body development. Various conditions can develop over the years as the growth and development take space. These conditions are quite common, and they can affect any body part.  These conditions are mostly non-life-threatening. One of many such conditions is called Knock knee. Knock knees condition is also called genu valgum. This condition is when people can notice that the knees can tilt inward and the ankles stay spaced apart. Many studies have shown that this condition can be more common in young girls; however, boys can also develop this condition. 

Knock knees are non-threatening and can be noticed in many children’s normal growth and development stages.  Many young children can find that they have knock knees for some time. This can be temporary and also permanent in some cases. In some individuals, knock knees are more noticeable, while knock knees are not noticeable in other individuals. Though this condition is common and generally nothing to worry about,  knock knees could be a sign of a serious underlying bone disease in some rare cases. This can happen more to children when they notice knock knees after six years of age. My Knock Knee Fix can get rid of knock knees. 

Knock knees – child’s development 

Most children can go through many stages of bowlegs. They can develop knock knees in the early years during growth and development. When the legs grow and develop, they become stronger, and many children can outgrow bowlegs or knock knees. 

Knock knees cannot typically affect infants. Yet, many infants have bowlegs. This condition can usually occur when a child completes 24 months after birth. Knock knees can also affect toddlers. They can be more prominent when children complete two to three years of age. The knees can tilt inward till the age of four or five. Knock knees can also be witnessed in children that turn seven or above until they reach adolescence. Though this may not be a reason to worry, one must always consult a doctor to check for any underlying bone diseases. 

Knock knees- symptoms 

Some of the symptoms of the condition of knock knees can be seen when children start to stand on their legs and walk. When they stand with their legs straight, and their toes pointed forward, knock knees can be seen. Some of the symptoms can include- 

  • Inward angulation of knees in children 
  • Ankles may remain away, and the knees are still touching 
  • Strange walking pattern 
  • Rotated feet outward 

Knock knees – causes 

Most of the children in their early childhood can develop knock knees. This common condition is visible when the children start to walk, and they develop an inward tilt in the knees. This tilt helps them balance and walk properly. This condition is mostly temporary and goes away after some years. Some children might find that knock knees can remain until their adolescence. This can be a serious problem and should be treated by a healthcare provider. When this condition becomes a permanent issue, it could be due to multiple factors. Some of the reasons may include the following- 

  • Genetic conditions like skeletal dysplasias and metabolic bone disease can be a cause of knock knees. Also, problems like rickets can be a reason behind knock knees. 
  • Obesity also contributes to knock knees. Gait abnormalities are also similar to knock knees which can happen due to excessive weight. 
  • Injury in the tibia or femur can also be a reason behind knock knees. 

With the help of My Knock Knee Fix, one can have their knock Knee treated. The condition can be surgically corrected. The treatment may depend on the child’s age and condition. It can help in reducing the appearance as well as the symptoms that come with it. 

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