What Should You Know About Aquarium Plants?

Live and healthy plants are more valuable and good looking to your aquarium, rather than those plastic models that catch algae. They also promote a balanced ecosystem to your aquarium by providing you with several things. Aquarium plants are not only there as a showcase, but they play a vital role in the well being of your fishes. 

What are the benefits of aquarium plants?

There are several benefits that you need to know about aquarium plants, as they help in the development and well being of your fish. The benefits of aquarium plants are mentioned in the points below. These points are as follows:-

  • They provide natural oxygen to the fishes as they inhale carbon dioxide which is dissolved in water. They then release natural oxygen into the water which is very beneficial to your fish. 
  • Nitrate and phosphates are two compounds, that are present in your aquarium water, which boosts the formation of algae. Natural aquarium plants remove these two compounds, thus clearing algae formation. 
  • Making your fishes believe that they are at home, and they are safe,  because of the fact that aquarium plants tend to imitate the natural environments that the fish grows in. 
  • They lower stress levels in these fishes and you can find them out in the open more often. 
  • Producing a chain of an ecosystem that would birth the formation of microbes and other smaller living forms which would then become fish food. 
  • Provides shelter to new eggs, as fishes feel safer delivering eggs near-natural plants. 

You should also understand that many things would be needed by these aquarium plants. Therefore you should make sure that you have all the ingredients and accessories necessary for these plants. There is a list of things mentioned below that are absolutely necessary for the plant. The list is as follows:-

  1. Natural light – Sunlight would be the best option. 
  2. Clear water.
  3. Good loose soil.
  4. Nutrients.
  5. Manure
  6. Suitable substrate for the root portion. 

What would be the water requirement for these aquatic plants?

If you do not consider then this question then you need to understand that all your aquatic plants would die out in a month or so, so you have to make sure that you have all the requirements that are needed for these aquatic plants. 

The most important requirement for these aquatic plants would be that they have proper water conditions for their survival. Potenz of hydrogen or the pH of water is the most important thing that you need to check before planting your aquatic plants. The pH of aquarium water should be at 6.5 to 7.8, i.e. it should be neutral.

The hardness of water is also an important criterion for your aquatic plants because of the fact that it should be around 500 to 1000 parts per million. If the water is anything beyond or below the quantity needed, your plants would either die or catch a disease. So make sure that you fulfil these two requirements properly. You can get more information at:- http://aquarzon.com/ 

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